Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Jason Kenney

There's something about your new citizen's guide Discover Canada that doesn't sit well. As I'm reading it I cannot shake the idea that it was formed by ideology and partisanship. Pearson was a Liberal, so we won't mention him. No need to note Canada's long history of peacekeeping, focus on wars instead. Let's not mention healthcare either, that way we can sell it down river and the new Canadians won't even notice. You get an A+ for ideology and partisan politics.

As a feminist, I appreciate that you included a section on gender equality. I found it disconcerting that you felt the need to lay out that honour killings and female genital mutilation are not tolerated. I do agree that these practices are barbaric. I think I'd be okay with this, if you had included that other barbaric cultural practice of gay bashing (a far more common problem in this country) is not acceptable in Canada. In fact you neglected to mention any LGBT issues, including that same sex marriage is legal in Canada and we're bloody proud of it. Hmm, I wonder why you didn't mention that? Perhaps it would offend your gay bashing constituency?

I'll tell you what I do agree with Jason, I agree with the idea of responsibilities. Let's start talking about a Charter of Responsibilities for every Canadian, not just new Canadians. But it shouldn't be draw up by along ideological lines by a radical party holding onto power in a minority government. Let's make an attempt to represent all Canadians, yes even the ones in Toronto that your party despises so much. We're Canadians too, Jason.

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