Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goodness! Where to start...

The black-focused school debate, shouldn't even be a debate. The Toronto District School Board needs to wake the hell up! The curriculum and white teachers are not the problem. If they were we'd see an epidemic of failure rates and drop outs by other ethnic groups. Hmm. Could it be that the problems are deeper than a school board can fix? Could it be that the education system is not the problem?

Socio-economic issues are the problem. We must ensure that all students are not going to school hungry, that they have a safe environment in which to learn, and the support (financial, emotional and intellectual) of two parents. That's right two parents. In this debate, no one seems to mention the impact an absentee father has on a student.

Segregation by any name is wrong, wrong, wrong. And it is segregation, regardless of what Angela Wilson calls it. Perhaps every group, ethnic, religious or otherwise, should have their own school. That's sure to lead to a cohesive multicultural society.

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