Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Canada,

In an age when we are facing increasing concerns about food safety, when the family farm is disappearing, when most of the food in our grocery stores is from another country - why is no one talking about Canadian farming?

It's not glamorous, but given a renewed interest in farmer's markets and local produce, it's time to think about our food. The NDP have created an extensive report, called Food for Thought: Towards a Canadian Food Strategy.

What could be more important than food? The next Governor General? The World Cup? An octopus named Paul? Some basketball player set to earn $100million for a season of play? Increasingly the topics in the news seem insignificant and irrelevant to my daily life.

Wouldn't it be great if politicians actually did something significant and relevant, rather than all of their bullshit posturing?

(While on the subject of farming, here's our local family-run farm...Cooper's CSA. That is Community Supported Agriculture, see link for details.)

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