Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Note to John McKay, Dan McTeague and Paul Szabo

Gentlemen, access to contraception and abortions are cornerstones for maternal and child health. Period.

Shame on you for voting against the motion put forward by Bob Rae. Shame on your cowardly cohorts who refused to show up for the vote.

"This is a moral issue for me and I voted based on my conscience," said Szabo.

My response to Mr. Szabo is to quote my beloved Helen Philpot:
Abortion has no business being a political game… a sound bite to make the evening news. It is a medical decision between a woman and her doctor. If you have a moral dilemma or a religious issue, then don’t have an abortion. It really is that simple. Trust me. I know.
Blessed is Helen.

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